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Who We Are

PT Bikin Indonesia Berdaya as a part of the Environesia Company Group is a company engaged in manufacturing services, particularly online custom product. Our product range for work uniforms, community merchandise to local brand.

Our company has a strong commitment to the principles of sustainable business. Based on that commitment, we genuinely confirm that we are ready to participate in various opportunities to become active partners in each business in order to help navigating the creative economy and manufacturing industries towards a more advanced direction in every line of business you have.


Vision & Mission


To be the most preferred and trusted clothing production service in Indonesia in the year 2025.


Providing the best service that prioritizes customer satisfaction through great professionalism and producing high quality products for our beloved customers.


& Projects


Our Clients Office

Jalan Jati Mataram No. 284 B,
RT/RW 019/042, Karangjati,
Desa Sinduadi, Mlati,
Sleman, D.I Yogyakarta.

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