Software Engineer - Backend | Lowongan Kerja BIKIN.CO
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Software Engineer – Backend lowongan kerja back end dev

BIKIN.CO membutuhkan seorang BACKEND WEB DEVELOPER yang dapat berkarya bersama tim dalam pengembangan produk, agar dapat mewujudkan visi BIKIN.CO, membantu masyarakat Indonesia, siapa pun dimana pun, bisa mewujudkan ide mereka menjadi nyata.

Siap berkarya di BIKIN.CO ? Join with us..


Description :

  1. Design, develop, improve, and deploy high-quality backend services and APIs.
  2. Write high-quality, clean, maintainable code using engineering best practices (unit testing, source control, continuous integration, automation, design patterns, etc.);
  3. Analyze requirements, design and develop features;
  4. Understand the product, constantly optimize the product, identify and fix problems, improve stability and user experience;
  5. Optimize application for maximum performance and scalability;
  6. Willing to learn & adapt multiple tech stacks to use the best tools for the job.
  7. Collaborate with fellow developers, product managers, user experience designer, and operation engineers to build products with web technologies.


Requirement :

  1. Willing to learn and grow together as a team.
  2. Strong Data Structures & Algorithms concepts.
  3. Firm grasp in object-oriented, functional, or event-driven programming practices.
  4. Experience in building web apps/services/APIs.
  5. Solid understanding of SQL.
  6. Good understanding of framework laravel & Git.
  7. Knowledge and experience in PHP, Java.
  8. Knowledge in web security (it’s a plus).


Tags: backend, product, programmer, software engineer, web developer






Software Engineer - Backend


GRHA ENVIRONESIA 3rd floor Jalan Jati Mataram No. 284 B. Sleman, DIY

Company Capacity

1-50 Worker(s)

Operational Days

Regular time, Monday - Friday

Dress Code

Business (e.g. shirts)


Salary, Bonus, Health insurance, Free Beverage, Friendly workplace in Yogyakarta


Bahasa Indonesia